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Newtown Fertility Centre is at the forefront of reproductive and gynaecological health and fertility care. It combines excellence in medical care, with a friendly and effective holistic approach. We aim to empower all our patients to achieve their best health possible.

Dr Natasha Andreadis has a unique subset of qualifications in gynaecology and reproductive endocrinology, along with special interests in environmental and nutritional medicine. She firmly believes in blending these different aspects to provide the best possible care. This approach is key to the success and popularity of our Newtown Fertility Centre. The patient is front and centre of any treatment plan or decision.

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Dr Natasha Andreadis Newtown Fertillity Centre

About Dr Natasha Andreadis

Fertility Specialist and Gynaecologist

Hi, I’m Dr Natasha Andreadis or Dr Tash.

I’m a Sydney gynaecologist and fertility specialist. I am a Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility (CREI) sub-specialist in Australia and New Zealand. This makes me uniquely qualified to manage infertility and hormonal issues.

Born and educated here in Sydney, I’m a fertility specialist with a holistic and integrated approach to managing fertility issues. I have a special interest in nutrition and environmental medicine and how these factors impact sexual and reproductive health and general well-being.

Our approach

At our clinic, we embrace a holistic approach to enhance natural fertility and optimise gynaecological and reproductive health. We are passionate in our belief that diet, exercise and environment contribute to fertility and general health. We also believe that natural fertility can complement more traditional medical infertility treatments such as IVF.

At Newtown Fertility Centre, we work with our patients to optimize their life.


Physical Health


Complementary Therapies

Environmental Health - EcoFertility

Our Community

Dr Task loves sharing her knowledge about gynaecology, fertility, nutrition and environmental aspects of health. She has established an educational space and community through various channels:


The Fanny Mechanic Show with Dr Tash shares real, honest chats on reproductive and gynaecological health, fertility, sex, hormones and lifestyle issues.

Dr Tash Book Club

A group dedicated to BOOKS and their LOVERS. Books that inspire health, whether that be:


We believe in the power of human connections and education. We will be hosting community events in 2024 to enable this. Stay tuned and follow to stay in the loop!

Our commitment

“At Newtown Fertility Centre, we understand many of the challenges patients face on their fertility journey or path to better health. We are committed to providing a comfortable and supportive environment and working in partnership with our patients to achieve the best possible health. Patients know their bodies better than anyone else, and it is this respect for the patient that sets us apart.”

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