LGBTQ Patients

Affirming Care

At Newtown Fertility Centre, we welcome everyone to our clinic including the LGBTQ community. We take pride in affirming care and work with every person as an individual and tailor our services to meet their needs, including supporting LGBTQ families. Our clinic welcomes people of diverse genders and sexualities into our service.

We understand that traditional gynaecology and reproductive clinics can be tricky spaces for LGBTQ people to feel included. LGBTQ patients are welcome and supported for their individual needs. Fertility treatments for LGBTQ Patients include:

Building a family via surrogacy

Egg or sperm donation


Fertility Preservation

Fertility Treatments for LGBTQ Patients

Donor eggs and sperm

Through City Fertility, donor eggs and sperm are available. Dr Tash will guide you with the process. People may also have known egg and sperm donors.


Surrogacy is a complex process whereby a woman agrees to bear a child for another person or persons, who will become the child’s parent after birth.

Fertility Preservation

For people undergoing gender affirmation with the assistance of hormones, surgery or other medical interventions, some of these treatments can have an impact on their fertility. While some of these effects can be short term others can be permanent.

If you plan to affirm your gender medically and wish to preserve your fertility to have a family in the future there are options available including Egg and Sperm Preservation. Feel free to discuss the best option with Dr Tash before commencing your medical affirmation.

LGBTQ Community Groups

Rainbow Families provides many LGBTQ parents and prospective parents to support one another. Through their online Facebook community, website and newsletter you can see support advice and recommendation from the LGBTQ community in NSW. To learn more about Rainbow Families, please visit their website at:

If you know of any other community support groups for LGBTQ people you wish to share please click here to share with us.


Privacy & Feedback

Privacy and disclosure are vitally important. Our privacy/consent form can be found here. We are currently making our practice more LGBTQ inclusive and have the assistance of ACON’s Pride in Health + Wellbeing Program to assist us in this journey.

Should you have any specific language you’d like us to use for you, your family or your body please let us know.

Should you have any specific questions about our LGBTQ inclusion please contact us at

Our commitment

“At Newtown Fertility Centre, we understand many of the challenges patients face on their fertility journey or path to better health. We are committed to providing a comfortable and supportive environment and working in partnership with our patients to achieve the best possible health. Patients know their bodies better than anyone else, and it is this respect for the patient that sets us apart.”

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