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Media Appearances and Speaking Enquiries

Dr Andreadis, also affectionately known as Dr Tash, welcomes the opportunity to share her considerable knowledge and experience. She is open to various opportunities including speaking invitations, media engagements, written collaborations, podcasts, vlogs or educational video segments.

A full bottle on all things fertility, Dr Tash is a vibrant, warm and engaging personality. Her passion is helping couples make healthy babies. Her particular interest is in the influence of diet, exercise and environment on fertility. She is also well versed on general gynaecological and sexual health issues.

As a fertility specialist and Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist (CREI) sub-specialist, Dr Andreadis is in an ideal position to discuss the impact of healthy lifestyles on fertility as well as general health and wellbeing.

Dr Tash is comfortable on stage or on screen. She has her own YouTube channel, Dr Tash TV and enjoys working on podcasts, vlogs or educational video segments. She has also been featured on national television, on both Channel 9 and SBS.

Dr Tash the Fanny Mechanic Podcast


The Fanny Mechanic Show with Dr Tash shares real, honest chats on reproductive and gynaecological health, fertility, sex, hormones and lifestyle issues.

Nothing is off limits. Nothing taboo. 

We answer questions you’ve been dying to ask with help from expert guests and everyday people.

Dr Tash TV

Dr Andreadis loves sharing her knowledge about gynaecology, fertility, nutrition and environmental aspects of health. This is done in the course of her consultations, but also through her YouTube channel Dr Tash TV.

A current Affair

Dr Natasha Andreadis was featured in TV show “A Current Affair” discussing Endometriosis.

ACNEM NEM Practitioner Series

In this interview, Dr Shamistra Barathan, Integrative GP and ACNEM Vice President, speaks with Dr Natasha Andreadis about how gynaecological problems and fertility issues are linked to nutrition.

Speaking Enquiries

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